Learning @ Mandarin Seed

We give lessons in Mandarin Chinese and the culture of China using a full-immersion experience. The language is brought to life, made engaging, relevant and accessible by our native Mandarin language teachers who utilize tried and tested communicative methodologies to make your learning experience a wonderful opportunity. During class with others, you or your child will learn to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese and discover Chinese culture, both ancient and modern.

The staff at our centre have a wealth of experience in teaching Mandarin to both Chinese native and non-native children and adults. Our school directors have gained Masters degrees in international education, and Bachelor qualifications in Chinese. Mandarin Seed also employs expert consultancy staff to help make your experience at the school engaging, effective and fun. Our main consultant has gained 25 years in the international language education industry, including several years in China, and has Post Graduate qualifications in Education Management.

Learning Chinese at Mandarin Seed is more than learning language — it is an experience, a lifestyle journey!!